Employer-provided malpractice insurance may deliver only partial coverage

At NSO, we offer a simple, affordable solution to help cover your assets, your license and career. When you purchase your own individual professional liability insurance, if a covered claim arises, your interests come first.

Meeting the needs of nursing professionals

  • Professional Liability: Coverage for settlement of a malpractice claim or damages awarded. The aggregate amount is the maximum amount available to insure you against multiple claims within the annual policy period.
  • Your own Defense Attorney: If your employer accuses you of not following proper procedures or if a case comes down to your word against that of a patient, you’ll have a defense attorney to represent your interests in court. Legal fees are paid in addition to your professional liability limits—win or lose.
  • License Protection: If a complaint is filed against you with the state licensing board, you could face a hearing and thousands of dollars in legal fees. This coverage reimburses you for defense of your license or disciplinary action and other expenses arising out of a covered incident.
  • Deposition Representation: If a patient is injured where you work, though you may not be named in the lawsuit, you may receive a subpoena for testimony. This coverage will pay for an attorney to represent you at a deposition that arises out of a covered claim.
  • Assault: Coverage for medical expense if you are the victim of a violent act while at work or on your way to work. Also includes expenses for workplace violence counseling.