To join a Colorado Nurses Association Special Interest Group (SIG), you must select that SIG at the time you join the American Nurses Association or you may contact the ANA membership department to make that request (See FAQ’s for More Information).

Special Interest Groups

SIG 30

The CSAPN provides a forum by which nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse midwives, and nurse anesthetists can enrich their professional practice. It also promotes the role of the advanced practice nurse. 

SIG 31

CAPPN was founded in 1978 to foster quality behavioral health services, promote the individual’s potential, as well as advance the profession of Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nursing. That purpose continues to be relevant today.


How long will I be in the SIG of my choosing?

SIG memberships will roll over year to year unless the member reaches out to ANA to terminate their involvement.

Can I join a SIG during membership renewal

There is not an opportunity for a member to opt-in to a SIG membership during the ANA membership renewal process.

I no longer want to be apart of a SIG... what now?

Members can opt-out by reaching out to the ANA membership department. (1-800-923-7709 or email at [email protected])

I'm already a member, how can I join a SIG?

To join a SIG after the initial ANA join process, a member can reach out to the ANA membership department to be added. (1-800-923-7709 or email at [email protected])